There are many sources of information about vaccination.  On this page are some websites and books you  may wish to read  before making a decision about vaccinating yourself or your child.

NZ websites:

This is the website of the WAVESnz (formerly known as the Immunisation Awareness Society) an organisation run by volunteers.  It provides information about vaccination to parents and support for parents of vaccine-injured children.   This link is particularly useful as it lists a large number of vaccine-related websites and has links to the manufacturers’ information sheets for a lot of the vaccines on the NZ market.

This is the section of the website of the NZ Ministry of Health that includes the MoH-produced Immunisation Handbook which includes information about different diseases and vaccines.  Overall, this book tends to downplay the risks of vaccination (see the section below)  but still includes a lot of useful information.  You can download the whole book or just single chapters.

This is the link on Medsafe website which allows access to the prescribing information for vaccines.  (To find the vaccine(s) you are interested in, just type the name of the disease (for example “measles” into the search box and you will get a list of vaccines that contain a measles component.)  The information is intended for health professionals so an online dictionary may be useful for people who are not familiar with medical terminology.

This is the website of the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC). Until 2010 this website included a page that acknowledged the Ministry and Health and five different manufacturers/distributors of vaccines to the NZ market as sponsors.  This page was taken down after it received publicity in the media. The site now has a link at the bottom of each page to a page that includes a statement about its funding by the Ministry of Health and also discloses that “Private industry offers some minimal funding for special projects…”    (See: for more information.)

IMAC’s site has a downloadable chart which includes all the vaccines currently recommended by the Ministry of Health, the age at which they are recommended to be administered  and the vaccines’ brand names.

This is the website of the Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust, administered by Hilary and Peter Butler.  It has a focus on vaccination issues.  Hilary Butler has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the medical literature pertaining to vaccination and is the author of two excellent books. (See below.)

This website was set up by a parent who began to collect information about the HPV vaccine Gardasil as part of a decision making process when the vaccine was offered to their daughter.  The site focuses mostly on issues surrounding HPV vaccination.  This site has not been updated for some time as its founder, Julie Smith has sadly passed away.

This regularly updated website provides a forum in which parents and others who are concerned about the safety of HPV vaccines (such as Gardasil and Cervarix) can share information and gain support.

Australian websites:

The 2011 “Report of the Health Select Committee on the Inquiry into How to increase immunisation completion rates” has essentially recommended that NZ change its vaccination policy to one which imitates Australia’s policy, so it is useful to look at relevant Australian websites:

The three sites above are run by people who have a philosophy of informed choice and human rights.

Above is the link to the vaccination information portal of the Australian Government’s  Department of Health and Ageing.

International websites:

This is the site of one o f the National Vaccine Information Center which was founded by a mother whose son became brain damaged following routine childhood vaccinations. It has a strong focus on informed consent and consumer rights.  Some of the information (such as on exemptions is relevant only to American parents) but most of the site is very useful regardless of what country you live in. The site features translation options which make it a useful site to recommend to parents whose first language is not English.

This link has good information on the questions that it is useful to answer before considering any vaccine.

The site also has good information on the different diseases and vaccines.

This is the site of the Center for Disease Control in the USA. Most Western countries end up following the type of vacination programmes recommended by this powerful US government agency.

This site was started by a British mother who began an independent investigation of vaccination and decided to share what she was learning with other parents.

This is the website of a British support group for vaccine damaged children.

This is the website of the International Medical Council on Vacccination, an organisation of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are critical of vaccination.  It includes many articles and videos on the subject of vaccination.

New Zealand books on vaccination

Just a Little Prick and From One Prick to Another by Hilary and Peter Butler – are both  excellent books that combine personal narrative with an examination of some of the scientific literature relevant to vaccination.  Available from the Robert Reisinger Trust

Investigate Before You Vaccinate by Sue Claridge

This book that includes the following  chapters:

1. Investigate before you vaccinate
2. Informed consent
3. The history of vaccination
4. The decline of infectious diseases
5. Disease, the immune system and vaccines
6. Vaccine manufacture
7. Vaccine efficacy
8. Vaccine safety
9. The money trail and big business
10. New Zealand’s meningococcal B vaccination campaign
11. New vaccines
12. Unvaccinated children are healthier
13. Alternatives to vaccination
14. Choosing not to vaccinate
15. Choosing to vaccinate
16. Mother’s milk: precious protection

Available here:

The Ministry of Health-produced Immunisation Handbook (2006) can be downloaded from the following link:

A critique of part of the book (the 2011 edition) may be read in the following document on the NZ parliamentary website:

(The relevant part of the document discusses the Immunisation Handbook as a source of misinformation for health  professionals.)

International Books

Raising a Vaccine Free Child by Wendy Lydall

This is a user-friendly book that has a lot of practical information for parents which will increase their confidence when it comes to nursing their children through childhood illnesses such as measles and mumps.  It also contains interesting information about the history of vaccination.

New Zealand distributor:
Connie Franklin
Text:  021 0686 967

Australian and international sales:

Vaccine Epidemic edited by Louise Ku Habakus MA and Mary Holland, JD

This is an important new book on vaccine safety and human rights issues relating to vaccination with contributions from doctors, lawyers, military personnel and parents of vaccine injured children.

Silenced Witnesses Volumes 1 & 2 edited by Martin J. Walker.

These books contain chapters written by the parents of vaccine-damaged children – many of whom developed autism after their MMR shots.  They can be bought from the publisher, Slingshot Publications.  Volume 2 comes with a free DVD.

Callous Disregard by Dr Andrew Wakefield

In this book, Dr Andrew Wakefield describes how he began to investigate the association between the MMR vaccine and subsequent development of autism and bowel disease in children – and the furore that ensued.

Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide

Aviva Romm, MD (Healing Arts Press, 2001)

This book is included in the  Chapter “What Should Parents Do” in Vaccine Epidemic, which states that though Aviva Romm supports vaccination “Her book is even handed and offers herbal and homoeopathic choices for parents who do not vaccinate.” Diseases are covered at length and she also discusses the risk of adverse reactions from vaccines.