New Zealand health advocate Allison Roe, who is an elected member of the Waitemata District Health Board, was one of the four hundred people who attended the premiere of the film Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe on Sunday, April 2.


“I am here to be informed and have no idea if other health board members are in attendance Roe said, “However, I would encourage all other DHB members to take advantage of the ongoing screenings and see Vaxxed themselves, or watch it online”.


The film, Roe, says is “not anti-vaccination”,  as has been widely reported.


However the film “does make a powerful case that MMR vaccination prior to the age of three years is a risk factor for previously normally developing children regressing into autism.”


According to Roe, the film suggests that making single measles, mumps and rubella shots available could provide parents who want to vaccinate with a safer alternative to the combined MMR shot.


The film was co-produced by British couple Polly and Jon Tommey (whose previously healthy son Billy suffered a seizure and regressed into autism following an MMR shot at the age of 12 months) and Del Bigtree who produced the popular medical talk show “The Doctors”.


The film is based on data provided by a whistle-blower scientist (Dr. William Thompson) from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who in 2014, confessed that he and his colleagues had committed scientific fraud in a study of the MMR vaccine and autism.


Vaxxed is a powerful film,” Roe concludes, “and given the importance of the health of our children to the future of our country, I hope that parents, health professionals and people involved in healthcare management will take the opportunity to see the film for themselves and to think carefully about its implications”.




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