The documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe is going to have its NZ premiere on April 2 in Auckland.


Information about the Vaxxed premiere in English may be found by clicking HERE. 

There is also information about the Vaxxed premiere in Chinese, Samoan and Tongan on this website and this information may be accessed by clicking  HERE.

Anyone who would like to help share information about this  event can download a PDF of a  mini poster by clicking on the green text below:

Vaxxed has your doctor been lied to duo poster for printing

The poster is A4 size and there are two mini (A5) size posters for each piece of paper.  While the poster has some red on it, it will print well in black and white.

The poster is suitable for letter box drops (provided people do not have a “no circulars” or similar notice on their letter box).

It is also suitable for  putting on community notice boards, on tables where information materials are allowed to be placed at libraries, churches and other community venues. etc.

Thank you in advance for any help that you would like to give with this outreach.

NB: Each of the mini posters has an image like the one below: