On May 17, 2016, No Forced Vaccines  spokeswoman Katherine Smith was invited to be a guest on Radio New Zealand’s “Morning Report” to discuss the recent measles cases in the Waikato area. Please read on the access the audio file of the interview.  (A summary of key points is also included on this post for people who have poor internet connections.) 

In response to these cases Morrinsville College was closed on Monday May 16 and the students and staff (those born after 1969) have reportedly been asked to provide evidence of having had two MMR vaccinations or stay away from school/work for two weeks.

The Medical Officer for Health for the Waikato has also reportedly asked schools in the region to begin checking students’ vaccination records.

Katherine Smith was interviewed about the measles outbreaks by Susie Ferguson and

the link to the interview on Radio NZ’s website is below.



NB:  If you have a poor internet connection and cannot access audio or video files, please scroll down (below  link to the youtube video of the interview with Katherine Smith) for a summary of the statements that Katherine Smith made during the interview.

Interviews available on Youtube

The audio files of the interview with Katherine Smith and also an interview with Dr. Nicki Turner who also appeared on Morning Report on May 17 are also available on youtube.


NB: Dr Nicki Turner works for the Immunisation Advisory Centre, an organisation that receives funding from both the NZ Ministry of Health and “private industry sponsorship” .  (Based on the fact that the IMAC website used to include the logos of a number of companies that distribute vaccines to the NZ market this “sponsorship” probably comes from the pharmaceutical industry.)

At the youtube links below, a supporter of No Forced Vaccines selected some images to provide a visual commentary and additional information about the topics discussed.  (Please see below for a comment regarding some of the images presented.)


Interview with Katherine Smith

If you have a poor internet connection and are unable to access audio files, the key points made by Katherine Smith in the interview were as follows:

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1) The fact that about 10% of New Zealand children who develop measles end up in hospital is due to the poor information about measles treatments provided to parents by the Ministry of Health.  (NB: In past measles outbreaks, information about measles treatments has included a recommendation to use paracetamol to lower fever, even though a fever is generally a helpful response to an infection as it increases the immune response against the virus.  Unnecessary use of medication to lower a fever may prolong or worsen an infection.)

2)  That measles is not usually a serious disease and that people who have measles or have been exposed to the virus can minimise the risks complications or long term consequences from the infection by consulting a doctor or naturopath who is trained in nutritional medicine to ensure that their vitamin D and A status is optimal and to get advice regarding supplementary vitamin C as vitamin C is important to support the immune response during any viral infection.

3)  That viral pneumonia is the complication that most commonly leads to hospitalisation in NZ and if this occurs it can be treated with intravenous vitamin C. (Details of how viral pneumonia has been treated successfully with intravenous vitamin C may be found in Curing the Incurable by Thomas Levy, MD, JD. 2002 edition ISBN 1 – 4010 – 6963 – 0)

4)  That encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) which is a very serious (but fortunately quite rare) complication of measles has been successfully treated with intravenous vitamin C and that anyone who does develop this complication should be in hospital. (See Southern Medicine & Surgery, Volume 111, Number 7, July, 1949, pp. 209-214 available at this link: http://www.whale.to/v/c/klenner3.html )

5)  That the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is free in NZ to whoever wants to be vaccinated.

6) For people who are considering the vaccine, there is information    about the MMR vaccine from various sources including on the manufacturer’s datasheets on Medsafe’s website. (The link at which the datasheet may be accessed is http://www.medsafe.govt.nz/profs/Datasheet/DSForm.asp  and if you type “measles” into the search box at the link above the datasheets for the MMR vaccine(s) will appear.  The vaccine most commonly used in NZ is the one with the brand name “MMRII”.) An online medical dictionary may be helpful to people who are not used to reading medical jargon.

7)  That Katherine Smith knows of families in NZ and overseas where children were fine prior to MMR vaccination and developed autism thereafter.

8)  That investigative journalist Sharyl Attikisson’s website includes a confession by Centers for Disease Control scientist Dr. William Thompson confessed how he and his colleagues literally dumped into a rubbish bin data that showed a link between MMR vaccination and autism.  (The link is here:   https://sharylattkisson.com/cdc-scientist-we-scheduled-meeting-to-destroy-vaccine-autism-study-documents/ )

9)  That there is a new documentary about Centers for Disease Control scientist  and whistle blower Dr. William Thompson called Vaxxed and that more information about the film may be found at the documentary’s website http://vaxxedthemovie.com/

(NB:  There is now a Facebook page “Bring Vaxxed to Australia and New Zelaand which is a public group that can be visited here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1198002033544520/ )

Interview with Dr. Nicki Turner


(Please note that some images in the videos at the youtube links above refer to the fact that in some cases, recently vaccinated individual may “spreads virus” (or another similar terms).  This statement regarding the spreading of viruses refers to the fact that people who have recently received live virus vaccines (and the MMR vaccine contains “attenuated” live measles, mumps and rubella viruses) can have viruses replicating in their bodies and these viruses may be potentially communicated to other people in some situations.

Because people who have recently been vaccinated with the MMR (and some other live virus vaccines) may be temporarily carriers of the vaccine viruses, they may asked to avoid contact with immunocompromised people, for example such as by not visiting hospital wards where patients are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.  (Please see this link for details http://www.westonaprice.org/press/public-health-officials-know-recently-vaccinated-individuals-spread-disease/ )  For people who are usually healthy any risk from being in contact with anyone who has recently been vaccinated with MMR vaccine should be so low as to be practially non-existent.)



Are you affected by the measles outbreak in the Waikato?

Special note to parents and staff in Waikato schools who are affected by the measles outbreak.  The No Forced Vaccines website will be updated with information on the outbreak as soon as the editor’s time allows.