The team who produced the informative docu-series The Truth About Cancer are due to launch a new docu-series The Truth About Vaccines

The Truth About Vaccines  promises to bring viewers both sides of the vaccination issue.

It will begin on April 12 (the series is US-based so will begin some time on April 13 in NZ) and will continue until April 19 (or April 20 in NZ).

The Truth About Vaccines  will feature interviews with sixty experts on vaccination.

The Truth About Vaccines will be FREE over that period, so it is a great opportunity for people who are planning to start a family (or who are already parents) to learn about the vaccination issue. (There will be paid access to the presentations after the free viewing period.*)

After signing up to the docu-series, daily emails will be sent with a link to each day’s presentation for as long as the free viewing period lasts.

Please share this link to help people learn about this free event.  Thank you.