As of [ 3 August 2020 the No Forced Vaccines 2020 Election Questionnaire was sent out to political parties in NZ that are listed at this link and/or are known to No Forced Vaccines to have candidates standing in this election.

The list of parties to which our election questionnaire has been emailed (either to the health spokesperson or a general email contact for the party in those cases win which we were not able to identify the health spokesperson for the party (or find his/her email address – is below.

If you are the health spokesperson or secretary of a political party which is standing candidates in the 2020 election and your party has NOT received the questionnaire via email please contact us via the following link and the questionnaire can be emailed you.  Thank you.

List to political parties to which the No Forced Vaccines 2020 Election Questionnaire has been emailed

  • Advance NZ
  • Act Party
  • Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
  • The Green Party
  • Labour
  • Mana Movement
  • Maori Party
  • National
  • New Conservatives
  • NZ First
  • NZ Outdoors Party
  • NZ Public Party
  • One Party
  • Sustainable New Zealand Party
  • The Opportunities Party (TOP)
  • The New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit
  • Vision New Zealand

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