Initial Government Response

NB: The following article was written in June 2011.  For updated information, please see the Breaking News page at this link

No Forced Vaccines was formed in response to the Report of the Health [Select] Committee Inquiry into How to Improve Completion Rates of Childhood Immunisation. The full report may be downloaded from the NZ parliament website at the following link:

On June 22, the government published its formal response to the Report made by the Health Select Committee following its Inquiry into how to increase vaccination rates.

The response was able to be accessed by visiting the following link and then downloading the response from the blue  box in the right hand side of the page until the Ministry of Health revamped its website.  I will try to locate the new link when I can.

The response of the government raises serious concerns as while the government does state that vaccination should be a choice, the official response from the government  has NOT rejected the coercive recommendations in the Report of the Health Select Committee.

No Forced Vaccines has alerted NZ media to this problem by issuing a press release that summarises the key concerns about the government’s response.  The press release may be read on the Press Releases page of at the following link

No Forced Vaccines members should already have received an email  about the government response.  If you are not already a member but would like to support this campaign to maintain freedom of choice regarding vaccinations, please email the site coordinator using the form on the Contact page and your details will be added to the email list.