Website editor’s note: The DRAFT of the No Forced Vaccines submission has been posted online on this page because submissions on the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act are due by midnight 28 June 2020.

If you are a member of No Forced Vaccines and you overlooked the most recent newsletter inviting you to contribute to the submission and would like to give feedback on this draft, please email in your comments by 6 PM 28 June 2020 in order for them to have a chance to be read and potentially included in the submission.

Members are also welcome to make individual submissions to the effect that they support the recommendations in the submission made by No Forced Vaccines, should this be the case, as well as covering any other aspects of the bill that may be of concern.

The draft submission intentionally deals only with the aspects of the bill that impact on medical treatment rather than other issues.

If The draft submission may be downloaded at the following link: