The Vaccine Dilemma

Are vaccines now more dangerous than the diseases they are supposed to prevent?

You might wonder why on earth I have any concerns at all, so perhaps I should explain. Some 30 years ago a baby to whom I felt I had a duty of care was severely injured by her DPT injection. After the high-pitched screaming, high fever and diarrhoea I watched her lose all her milestones, and regress into severe brain damage. Her mother was told she would never walk or talk. I thought to myself that no-one had suggested this was part of the advertised plan of vaccines being so safe and effective, and my long and steady research into vaccines began. I am not comfortable with what I have learnt, hence the dilemma.

I am not expecting that this will change public health policy in any way, but I do hope that it will increase understanding for and tolerance of those who choose not to vaccinate their children and encourage people towards truly informed decisions.


At the beginning of the 19th and 20th centuries the “childhood diseases” occurred, not surprisingly, in childhood, mainly between 3-7 years old. The diseases were whooping cough (pertussis), measles, German measles (rubella), chickenpox, polio, and scarlet fever.

There were quite large numbers of children who died and many who needed to go into hospital. The reasons for this were: child labour, poor housing, poor nutrition, poor water, poor sanitation, and poverty.

Long before vaccines became available the death rates for these diseases were reduced to near zero. The reductions were as a result of improvements in basic hygiene, housing, food and water, and sanitation. Children got the disease, got life time immunity and each time the disease came around again, got a little booster and a reminder to the immune system and the immunity was increased.

These little boosters went on lifelong, and were important for protecting older people.

Also of course pregnant mothers had had the wild disease and carried the antibodies to pass onto their children via the placenta in utero. Following birth, these antibodies, together with breast milk, protected the babies until they in turn got the disease at about 3-7 years old, and acquired their own antibodies. Breast milk is not simply nutrition, it is a critical part of the baby’s immune system.

Always, even now, some children may die, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, but in almost every case they will have a medical problem, immune system failure, poor nutrition/housing etc or inadequate treatment. All the childhood diseases can be managed or treated with weight /age related frequent doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and for measles, Vitamin A. Homeopathy can be helpful too.

It is clear now that with each childhood disease the immune system matured and became more efficient. There is also evidence that these diseases, in causing such maturation, protect against adult diseases such as heart disease, and many cancers. Not getting them leaves us more vulnerable. For example, there is a reduced death from heart and stroke in men and women who had had either or both mumps and measles.

And then….

People thought with the best will in the word that getting rid of these “childhood diseases” would be a good thing, and in come the vaccines. Simple, single antigen vaccines at first but then more and more complex ones introducing 6-8 antigens at one hit to a baby whose immune system is desperately trying to figure out what it should or should not be reacting to.

If you just injected one antigen, say the pertussis one, absolutely nothing would happen as the baby is designed not to react or be inflamed, so “adjuvants” need to be added to artificially stimulate one part of the immune system to react and produce antibodies.

The commonest adjuvant now is aluminium, a neurotoxic element, and to keep the antigen and the adjuvant all together for long enough to be inflammatory, things like Polysorbate 80, a detergent, are added, and to reduce the chance of bacteria being present formaldehyde and antibiotics are added, and then things like MSG (monosodium glutamate).

The vaccines are grown on assorted cell lines and in media derived from eggs, aborted foetal tissue, cows, pigs, genetically modified caterpillar, yeasts and bacteria. Now the immune system doesn’t know it is not supposed to react to these other things so may produce antibodies to them too, hence food allergies and MSG allergies, and goodness knows what else.

If the child lives in an area where the water is fluoridated, the fluoride, which numbers of human studies have shown reduces IQ, can react with the aluminium, making enormously neurotoxic fluoro-aluminium complexes. It is not helpful for the developing baby’s brain!

Also, if the viral or bacterial antigen shares an amino acid sequence with  a human organ, and they nearly all do, there may be antibodies produced to the vaccine antigen that may then also affect that organ,  and hence the increasing diagnosis of autoimmune disease in children.

There is no reference point in evolution, in the human genome or the immune system, giving a baby a clue how to respond to 6+ antigens and an assortment of chemicals. In some children allergy, asthma, autoimmune and cancer genes may be turned on, with potentially disastrous results: life-long diseases with complex treatments which suppress symptoms but do not cure, or heal.

Naturally acquired infections get in through the nose and mouth and go to the tonsils and lymph nodes, and gut where the natural immune system has agents to deal with them. About 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut, and that is where the first and second lines of defence are. Injecting “protection” is a strange idea as it bypasses the most important part of the immune system’s primary and secondary lines of defence.

Is eradication of these diseases such a good thing?

First, no-one knows how effective vaccinations are because of course no-one tests for antibodies, other than in research studies. We do however know that having antibodies doesn’t necessarily mean you are immune.

But supposing the vaccines were safe and were truly effective, and supposing the “childhood diseases” were eradicated, then where do people get their boosters from if no wild disease is circulating? Answer: they don’t get the booster and thus young adults and all older people are at risk. Also, the vaccine efficiency wanes after say 2-5-10 (maximum) years and then you are at risk again. We than have to give booster doses of the vaccine and round we go, the children accumulating more and more aluminium and chemicals.

The mothers who were vaccinated have no natural antibodies, and their vaccine antibodies have waned and so they cannot offer any protection to their babies, and so to protect the babies we think vaccinating pregnant women is a good idea. Certainly the mothers can then make antibodies and certainly they can pass on the antibodies to the baby initially. But do these antibodies actually protect the child?

Some studies have shown that these “vaccine induced” maternal antibodies do not protect the infant adequately, and in fact dull the baby’s response to the vaccine injected at six weeks and subsequently.  What if the mother gets a reaction and is harmed (unlikely but not impossible), and do the aluminium and other chemicals cross the placenta and get into the baby?

What’s in the vaccines & how are they developed

There are concerns over how the vaccines are developed. They are grown in all manner of animal tissues, from monkey kidney, to dog, cow, chicken, pig, and caterpillar cells, army worms, human aborted foetal cells, genetically modified yeasts, bacteria and even human and dog tumour cells. There can be NO guarantee that tumour cell remnants in the vaccines won’t cause tumours in the children. We know that the rotavirus contains porcine viruses, yet we do not know if these will harm humans. Some of the ingredients are genetically modified and I do not think there is a scientist on the planet that would be able to tell you the long term effects of injecting GMOs into infants and babies.

It seems absurd that we have a reached a point where The Pontifical Academy for Life has to issue a statement telling Catholics that while undesirable, it is OK to inject their children with aborted foetal cell DNA, for the greater good of society; but “moral coercion is unacceptable and an alternative method of production must be found.” The drug companies have made no effort to do this. As far as I am aware no-one advises Hindus or Muslims that the DNA of bovine and pig cells may be being injected.

Unexplained/unexpected contamination:

In January 2017, the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, (an open source completely independent journal), published a paper that showed in 43 of 44 samples of 30 different vaccines there was evidence of bizarre inorganic particulate matter, red cells of unknown origin, and extensive metal contamination. The metals included lead, iron, chromium, tungsten, stainless steel, and gold-zinc aggregates. All the human vaccines were contaminated and only one veterinary vaccine was “clean”. The potential burden of toxicity this delivers to a baby/infant/child is considerable.

Other impacts:

We have known for a long time that vaccination is quite an assault on the baby and often leads to secondary infections of the ears, nose and throat or chest, and then the baby might need antibiotics and then the good gut bacteria are disturbed and killed off and a whole new round of problems occurs, and just when you get the baby better from those, it is time to have another vaccine….

There is good evidence that vaccinated children have more infections, allergies, eczema, asthma and learning and behavioural disorders, and autoimmune disorders.

In an epidemic there is only a 1 in 12 chance of your child getting the disease, but 100% of children are supposed to line up for vaccination, one size fits all, no allowance for weight differences or prematurity, to prevent a disease they may never get and are likely to get over in 7-10 days anyway. I do realise that societal change means that in many families both parents, and indeed both grandparents, may still be working and the idea of someone taking 10 days off to care for a child is difficult. How much more difficult is it to care for a child with a life long illness or disability?

Read the information sheet that comes with any vaccine: almost all of them will say the very common side effects are fever, sore injection site, irritability, diarrhoea, vomiting, headache etc….

I find myself asking, “Why on earth would we inject a baby to probably cause these, to prevent a largely benign disease they may never get, and would largely benefit from?”

We then recommend paracetamol for the fever and soreness, which is itself an immune suppressant, and by reducing glutathione in the liver increases the potential toxicity of the vaccine. The vaccine data sheet will advise you that more severe side effects can be death, seizures, encephalitis, paralysis, etc.

Trying to outsmart nature:

You cannot outsmart nature: bacteria and viruses are now mutating to become resistant to the vaccines, hence the ongoing presence of whooping cough, and the fact that epidemics occur in fully vaccinated communities. Nature abhors a vacuum, and normally we carry many of these bugs within us quite safely, but eradicate one, and another strain will become more invasive. So we then have to have a vaccine for that, and more and more. Each one with chemicals and maybe animal viruses, retroviruses, tumour cells and a cocktail of ingredients that no baby should have to deal with.

It appears also that the traditional warning that if you don’t vaccinate you are putting other people’s children at risk is no longer true. We now know that fully vaccinated individuals can carry the bacteria and viruses they have been vaccinated against and pass them on, and do so for longer than children who get the disease naturally. And what’s more, no-one may ever know because the vaccinated children may not get sick at all or may get an atypical version of the disease. In any epidemic it is important to ask, “Who is the index case?” It may be a vaccinated child.

The pressure to vaccinate is enormous and it takes courage to resist but it is unlikely the average GP, practice nurse or midwife, or indeed parent, has any idea about all the information above, because the mantra is “Vaccines are safe and effective”, and most professionals believe with all their hearts and minds that they are doing the right thing. A while ago I wondered why the doctors’ surgeries and paediatric wards were so full of sick children. If we have got rid of those pesky childhood diseases surely the kids should be as fit as fiddles and out playing and learning in the best of health. Alas, the children are sicker than ever it seems. Most teachers “of a certain age” will tell you there was rarely a child in their class room needing an inhaler, or with food allergies or terrible eczema, or learning disabilities, and behavioural disorders.

In the USA the Supreme Court has said legal status of vaccines is “unavoidably unsafe” because no-one can possible say how an individual will react to all the ingredients, or whether they already have an underlying mitochondrial issue or any immune disorder which will make them critically reactive. A history of auto-immune disease or significant allergy in a parent should be a flashing red danger signal, but who ever asks?

The establishment of The Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme in 1988, and the fact that it has paid out in excess of US$ 3.7 billion, indicates that some children are clearly harmed by vaccines. The payment for the death of a child is US$25,000.00, for a lifetime disability the payments are in the millions of dollars.

If one chooses to vaccinate that is all right, but to reduce side effects and improve the chance of the vaccine being effective why not use Vitamin C for several days before and after the vaccination. Also make sure your child is 100% well, and feeding normally at the time the vaccines are given. And remember to ask for the vaccine package insert and read it BEFORE the appointment. And it may be pedantic but do not be confused by the word immunisation. It means vaccination, with no guarantee of immunity. There is science to show that the adverse reactions and dangerous response of the babies’ immune system are greatly reduced if the vaccines are delayed. Spreading them out and selecting only those you feel are required rather than the full schedule all at once are other options to consider if you decide you want to proceed with vaccinating.


It’s worth noting the irony that although the USA has the most vaccinated child population in the world, it also has an extraordinarily high infant mortality rate, ranking 43rd in the world; 1 in 68 children nationwide have an acknowledged learning disorder; greater than 50% of children have a chronic disease, and it is estimated that by 2032 every second boy will be on the Autistic Spectrum. 1 in 9 children has asthma, 1 in 100 diabetes and 1 in 68 currently has autism.

There is much evidence to implicate vaccines with these awful statistics.

You will be told the science is done, there is no link. The truth is the science is often industry sponsored, occasionally fraudulent (especially in relation to MMR), and seems only concerned with reducing the occurrence of normally benign illnesses, while not looking at the burden of side effects.

Vaccine proponents do not consider the long term side effects, and issues arising later in life will most certainly not be linked to vaccines given as a child, and no long term safety studies have been done. None of the vaccine advocates will answer the question: How many children is it acceptable to sacrifice for the greater public health good?


Everyone needs to do some homework and research, and at the very least read the package insert for each vaccine, looking at ingredients and adverse reactions/side effects.

Most people can choose to invest some time and effort in giving their child the best food, reducing toxin exposure, ensuring good housing and giving much love, to enhance their child’s own brilliantly evolved immune system. Anyone can choose to research how to effectively treat the diseased if contracted. Or they can take a chance on an injected, chemically complex, possibly contaminated, antibody inducer which bears no relationship to health, and is potentially detrimental and damaging.

I think evolution probably got it right and in our infinite wisdom we have sadly interfered too much.  One of the first things a medical student learns is the principle “First do no harm”.  Applying that principle means we need an honest and open debate and discussion about vaccines.

Website editor’s note: This article has been contributed by a retired doctor. For parents considering vaccination who would like to read the manufacturer’s data sheet may be accessed via this link: