No Forced Vaccines aims to maintain the fundamental human right for adults to freely choose their health care interventions and for parents to make the health care choices they deem appropriate for their child/ren.

This includes the right of parents to make decisions about whether or not they want their children to be vaccinated – and if parents do want their children to be vaccinated parents have the right to choose which vaccine(s) their child has and at what age.

In NZ, children are legally able to make their own decisions about their health care at the age of 16*;  below the age of sixteen, their parents are responsible for their children’s health care.

In NZ, children do NOT  have to be vaccinated in order to attend early childhood education centres  or schools.

The regulations governing early childhood education (ECE) centres and schools mean that staff have to ask to see a child’s “Immunisation Certificate” (in which any vaccinations a child has had  in NZ are recorded by the doctor or nurse who administers the vaccines.)  If a child does not have an “Immunisation Certificate” (or the certificate is not completed because the child has not had all the vaccinations recommended for their age) whatever vaccinations a child has had are recorded in the “Immunisation Register” which schools and ECE centres are required to maintain.  In the case of children who are unvaccinated, this is recorded in the register.

If there is a case of a disease for which there is a vaccine (for example, whooping cough or measles) in a school or ECE centre, any child who has not have the vaccines recommended by the Ministry of Health for that illness (and cannot provide other evidence of immunity that is considered acceptable, such as a blood test showing antibodies to the microorganism) may be asked to stay at home for a period of time since these children are considered to be susceptible to these illnesses. (Information relating to the duties of teachers at schools and early childhood services relating to children’s vaccination records and how vaccination status of children – and teachers – may be found at this link: )

(This being said, unvaccinated children will not always develop an infection if they have come into contact with someone who is infectious and some vaccinated children contract the diseases against which they have been vaccinated.)

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*The exception to this general rule relates to contraception and abortion.  Doctors may prescribe medications such as the contraceptive pill or depo provera without parental consent to girls who are under the age of 16 – even though these medications can cause life-threatening side effects in some girls/women and the age of consent for sex in NZ is 16 years. Girls under the age of 16 may also have an abortion without the consent (or even knowledge) of their parents – a very dangerous practice given the potentially life- threatening complications of a surgical abortion or the pharmaceutical drugs such as RU486 used to produce a “medication abortion”.)