Information about Vaxxed NZ premiere in English and other languages

The documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe is going to have its NZ premiere on April 2 in Auckland.


Information about the Vaxxed premiere in English may be found by clicking HERE. 

There is also information about  Vaxxed  in Chinese, Samoan and Tongan on this website.

To access the information in Chinese please click HERE.

To access the information in Samoan please click HERE.

To access the information in Tongan please click HERE.

Please share the links above with friends for whom Samoan,  Tongan or Chinese is their mother tongue.  Thank you.

NB: All the information on this website is made available thanks to people who have kindly volunteered their time.  If you are bilingual and would like to assist with translation, please contact No Forced Vaccines via this link:

Thank you.