What You Can Do

Suggested ways in which members and supporters can help maintain freedom of choice concerning vaccination in NZ include:

  • Emailing the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Associate Member of Health and local your local MP to let them know that you find any policy that coerces parents into vaccinating their children to be unacceptable.  There is a template letter you can adapt to your own use and email addresses on the Resources page of this site.
  • Raising the issue of coerced vaccination at the meeting of the Board of Trustees (or management committee) meeting at their children’s school or preschool.
  • If a union member, raising the issue with their union representative.
  • If a teacher, informing colleagues at your own workplace and other early childhood centres and schools about the issue.
  • If a member of a political party, raising the issue at local meetings and with party members in positions of authority.
  • Raising awareness of parents in your community about the importance of vaccination remaining voluntary in NZ.  A new leaflet will soon be available to download  from the Resources page of this website to other parents at your children’s preschool or school and at community events such as out door concerts, school fairs, sporting and cultural events etc
  • Leaving leaflets (downloadable from the Resources page of this website) on information tables at libraries. Libraries should be a good place to reach parents during the school holidays.
  • Putting up posters (downloadable from the Resources page of this website) at community centres and church notices boards, shop windows (always ask permission first!) etc
  • Reporting back to the website coordinator (via this site’s Contact form) about steps taken to prevent discrimination on the basis of vaccination status so that successful strategies can be shared with other members.
  • Emailing the website coordinator with the URL if you see anything relating to the vaccination issue in the media, (such as the on-line version of the NZ Herald, NZ TV station websites etc.) If you see something relevant in the print media, please clip or photocopy the relevant page(s) and email the No Forced Vaccines coordinator through the Contact form to get an address to which you can post it.