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Scandalous: Prominent NZ doctor continues to advocate for a “coercive vaccination policy”

Kaitaia G.P.  Dr. Lance O’Sullivan who controversially advocated linking children’s vaccinations to benefits in 2015 [1] recently renewed his support for a coercive vaccination policy.

In an interview with Don Rowe of Spinoff on May 24, 2017 he said:

“Two years ago I talked about how we should be tagging our benefits to immunisation – so if you’re on the benefit and you have a child who isn’t immunised, there should be a financial consequence for that…I believe that’s the way we should go forward.”

Lance O’Sullivan took the opportunity to promote his coercive vaccination policy after jumping onto the stage during the middle of the Kaitaia screening of the documentary Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe.  During his interruption of the screening, to which he had been invited to attend, he made a speech in which, according to a TVNZ report, he told the screening organisers: “Your presence here will cause babies to die”.

In the interview, Dr. O’Sullivan admitted that he had not bothered to watch Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe.

The documentary is based on information supplied by a US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientist (Dr. William Thompson) who provided evidence that showed the agency had covered up a link between early age MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination and increased risk of autism. The film was produced by Del Bigtree, producer of the popular medical talk show “The Doctors” and Polly and Jon Tommey, whose son Billy suffered a severe seizure after MMR vaccination and subsequently became autistic.

Responding to Dr. Lance O’Sullivan’s comments, Katherine Smith, spokeswoman for No Forced Vaccines stated that it was “very disappointing” that Dr. O’Sullivan was again promoting the idea that children’s vaccinations should be linked to parental benefits.

“As a doctor he needs to keep in the forefront of his mind that his patients (or in the case of children, their parents) need to be able to make free and informed treatments about any medical procedure, including vaccinations.

“Any policy that ties vaccination to any sort of government benefit is obviously unethical because it uses the threat of financial hardship to try to influence the parents’ decisions about their children’s vaccinations.

“I would question Lance O’Sullivan’s commitment to the ethics of his profession, given his continued advocacy of a coercive vaccination policy.”

Smith also stated that data from NZ showed that while children living in impoverished communities were more likely to die from some illnesses, such as pneumonia, than those from wealthier families, vaccination rates were very similar in both the wealthiest and most impoverished families. [2] “Under the circumstances, it appears that poverty is a much more important factor in children’s vulnerabiIity to severe infections than whether or not a child is vaccinated”, Smith said, adding that “Any government policy that makes families poorer is likely to make children sicker.”

Smith noted that there are simple, low cost treatment strategies that are not routinely used in New Zealand that could prevent much illness and save lives, regardless of the income level of a child’s family.  These include “supplemental vitamin C which was shown many decades ago to be able to prevent rheumatic fever”. [3]

“Providing supplemental vitamin D to babies, children and pregnant women over the autumn and winter months when sunshine levels are not sufficient to maintain good vitamin D status also provides a way to support the immune system in producing the antimicrobial peptides [4] needed to help the body resist infection”,  Smith said.

For infants and children who do develop severe infections, “intravenous vitamin C could be used to treat viral pneumonia,” Smith added, citing the case of NZ farmer Allan Smith who survived an “expected-to-be-fatal double pneumonia” after high dose intravenous vitamin C was added to his treatment programme. [5]

Intravenous vitamin C had also been shown to significantly reduce the death rate in patients with sepsis [6], she added.





[3] “The administration of vitamin C in a large institution and its effect on general health and resistance to infection.” A. J. Glazebrook and Scott Thomson cited in




No Forced Vaccines spokeswoman on Morning Report May 17 2016

On May 17, 2016, No Forced Vaccines  spokeswoman Katherine Smith was invited to be a guest on Radio New Zealand’s “Morning Report” to discuss the recent measles cases in the Waikato area. Please read on the access the audio file of the interview.  (A summary of key points is also included on this post for people who have poor internet connections.)  Continue reading No Forced Vaccines spokeswoman on Morning Report May 17 2016

TV3 News report: NZ teens vaccinated without parental consent


On April 24, 2012 TV3 news reported that the Waikato District Health Board had been using social media to promote vaccination to teenagers and that some teenagers under the age of 16 had been vaccinated without parental consent.



The Waikato DHB later responded to press releases put out on this issue by No Forced Vaccines, Family First and the Immunisation Awareness Society by issuing a press release of its own.

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Media Reports

NB:  This page has archived new stories from April 2011 – November 27. More recent stories will each be assigned their own post.

The purpose of this page is to provide links to reports in the media that deal with the issue of vaccination, with a particular focus on stories that are relevant to New Zealand, the recommendations in the Report of the Health Select Committee and the government’s response. (Some international stories are also included to provide a global context for the issues we face in NZ.)

Reports will be posted in chronological order, with those that are most recent being at the top of the page:


November 26, 2011

The Australian reported that the Australian Medical Association has called for better monitoring of side effects of vaccines.

“Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton said the government must introduce ‘active surveillance’ to monitor side effects instead of relying on doctors and patients to report problems through ‘passive surveillance’.”

“‘For a vaccine, you are taking healthy people and trying to keep them healthy so surveillance of the side effects is doubly important,’ Dr Hambleton said.”

The full story is here:

NB: The statement in this story that the “government has announced penalties for parents who fail to immunise their children” is untrue. There has been no such announcement, although there has been media reporting that this is the case. (See the story below for details.)


November 25, 2011

The Australian Herald Sun reported that parents who chose not to vaccinate their children would lose access to the “the family tax benefit part A end-of-year supplement.”

It also stated that “Families are already required to have their child fully vaccinated to receive the childcare rebate and childcare benefit.”

Both these statements are untrue. (See )

Children in Australia do not have to be vaccinated in order for their parents to claim the childcare rebate and family benefit.

Moreover the relevant page on the Australian government website states:

“Existing exemptions will continue to be available. A child may have a temporary or permanent exemption if a recognised immunisation provider advises against vaccination based on medical reasons. A child may also receive an exemption from the immunisation requirements if a recognised immunisation provider indicates that the parent has a conscientious objection to immunising their child.These exemptions will also continue for Child Care Benefit.”

The Herald Sun story (which includes an online  poll that ask the question “Should parents be penalised if they don’t have their children vaccinated?”  may be read here:



October 13, 2011

American customers of the Walgreen chain of pharmacies are being harassed about having flu shots when they are in the stores, reports Natural News.

Walgreen staff appear to being bribed and/or threatened by management to ask customers (including pregnant women) to have  flu shots.  Influenza vaccination is now available from a small number of pharamacies in NZ, according to NZ Doctor magazine and this practice may be expanded next year, with the possible outcome that NZ pharmacy customers may be treated similarly.



October 11, 2011

According to the Activist Post a law has now been passed in California that makes it legal to vaccinate children as young as 12 years old against sexually transmitted diseases (hepatitis B and HPV) without parental consent.

This is a bleak day for parents in California whose rights to make medical decisions on behalf of their minor children have been trampled.



October 2011

In local media, the current (October) issue of Investigate Hers magazine has a very good article about the discovery of synthetic HPV DNA in Gardasil – the HPV vaccine on the NZ market, and the impications of this discovery.  (If you are not familiar with this magazine it used to be called  Investigate but has now changed its format so that it is two magazines in one Investigate Hers (with a focus on stories of particularly interest to women) and Investigate His (focusing on stories aimed at a male audience;  see for the current covers.)


Sept 28, 2011

In the USA, the pro-vaccination government agency  Center for Disease Control (CDC) has initiated a household vaccination survey in which people will be telephoned and asked to provide information about their children’s vaccinations.


September 26, 2011

In California, public school officials and a nurse are going door to door vaccinating students who have not been vaccinated against whooping cough (pertussis).  Although this has been done with parental permission as parents are being told that their children will not be able to return to school unless they are vaccinated – so there is an element of coercion involved.  (Exemptions from vaccination are available in California but not all parents know that this is the case.)

More information relating to (and commentary about) door to door  vaccinations may be found here:


Sept 10, 2011

The NZ Herald has reported that  just over half of the NZ health professionals offered free influenza vaccinations declined to be vaccinated.



Parents in California are fighting a bill, which if passed into law would make it legal for children as young as 12 years old to be vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ knowledge or consent. A massive public outcry against the bill has caused it to be placed on suspense for the moment.

More information on this issue may be read here:–Your-Children-Ar.aspx



The current issue of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine includes an article “What’s Worse:  Measles or the Disease” written in response to the measles cases in NZ.  An expanded version of the article is also available on the journal’s website at the following link:



Disturbing reports are coming out of Africa about children being vaccinated at gun point after their parents have tried to exercise their right not to have their children vaccinated, as well as authorities ordering prosecution of both parents and health professionals who do not comply with coercive government vaccination policies.



The Irish newspaper the Independent has carried an article that that states that the Minister in charge of social welfare is interested in the system in use in Brazil and Mexico in which parents are “incentivised” to vaccinate their children through “Conditional Cash Payments”.


The link below is to the TVNZ website where you can view the approximately 15 minute long documentary by Ian Sinclair of the Sunday programme.  Called “The Agony of Choice” it first screened on NZ television in July.  It includes interview with parents whose children suffered  brain damage following vaccaination, as well as with the parents of Charlotte Cleverly-Bisman who lost the lower portions of both of her arms and legs as a result of suffering from meningococcal disease when she was a baby.


The link below is to a story in French from the French newspaper Le Monde  about how young French women whose health has been severely damage by Gardasil are now weeking compensation.


The link below is to story on June 23 by Dominon Post reported Kate Newton on the government response to the government response to the Health Select Committee report.




The link below is to an article by NZ Herald Health Reporter Martin Johnston’s about the government response to the Report of the Health Select Committee on increasing vaccination rates.


The link below is to a Radio NZ story by Karen Brown about reaction to the government’s response to the Report of the Health Select Committee:


The link below is to a story by Jonathan Carson about public concern about the recommendations in the Report of the Health Select Committee that was on the front page of the Waikato Times.


The link below is to Green Planet FM.  Tim Lynch recently interviewed No Forced Vaccines’ spokeswoman  Katherine Smith.  The interview largely concerns her new role as editor of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine but she also discusses the Report of the Health Select Committee on increasing vaccination rates and No Forced Vaccines towards the end of the interview.


The link below is to an article in the Otago Daily Times that included an interview with Anna Hughes about the Report of the Health Select Committee on increasing vaccination completion rates.


The link below is to an interview on the Vinny Eastwood show during which Katherine Smith was a guest.  The interview discusses The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine as well as the Report of the Health Select Committee following its Inquiry into how to increase vaccination completion rates and No Forced Vaccines.