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What You Can Do

Suggested ways in which members and supporters can help maintain freedom of choice concerning vaccination in NZ include:

  • Emailing the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Associate Member of Health and local your local MP to let them know that you find any policy that coerces parents into vaccinating their children to be unacceptable.  There is a template letter you can adapt to your own use and email addresses on the Resources page of this site.
  • Raising the issue of coerced vaccination at the meeting of the Board of Trustees (or management committee) meeting at their children’s school or preschool.
  • If a union member, raising the issue with their union representative.
  • If a teacher, informing colleagues at your own workplace and other early childhood centres and schools about the issue.
  • If a member of a political party, raising the issue at local meetings and with party members in positions of authority.
  • Raising awareness of parents in your community about the importance of vaccination remaining voluntary in NZ.  A new leaflet will soon be available to download  from the Resources page of this website to other parents at your children’s preschool or school and at community events such as out door concerts, school fairs, sporting and cultural events etc
  • Leaving leaflets (downloadable from the Resources page of this website) on information tables at libraries. Libraries should be a good place to reach parents during the school holidays.
  • Putting up posters (downloadable from the Resources page of this website) at community centres and church notices boards, shop windows (always ask permission first!) etc
  • Reporting back to the website coordinator (via this site’s Contact form) about steps taken to prevent discrimination on the basis of vaccination status so that successful strategies can be shared with other members.
  • Emailing the website coordinator with the URL if you see anything relating to the vaccination issue in the media, (such as the on-line version of the NZ Herald, NZ TV station websites etc.) If you see something relevant in the print media, please clip or photocopy the relevant page(s) and email the No Forced Vaccines coordinator through the Contact form to get an address to which you can post it.



This section of the site contains resources that you can use to help inform others about the proposed changes to vaccination policy.  Please check back here regularly as more resources will be posted as soon as they are ready.


Information flyer (A5)

To download a PDF of a flyer that you can  print off and distribute to parents who may not have internet access please click on the links below.  The A5 flyer is designed so that you can use one peice of A4 paper to make two A5 size (double sided flyers)  NB:  The current A5 flyer has problems with insufficient borders around the text and is difficult to print because of this. It will be replaced with another version as soon as possible.

No Forced Vaccines A5 flyer


Apologies;  this link is not working.

Information flyer (A4)

To download a PDF of a flyer that you can  print off and distribute to parents who may not have internet access please click on the link below.  The A4 flyer is a double-sided A4 flyer which gives more information than the A5 flyer.

No Forced Vaccines A4Flyer

Apologies;  this link is not working. 



To download A4 size posters please click on the link below.  These posters may be  printed and displayed on noticeboards at community centres, shop windows (with the owner’s permission) etc.  You may also like to email them to your friends.  To download the posters please click on the links below:

The  first poster (at the link below) discuses how aluminium hydroxide  Al(OH)3, used as an ingredient in some vaccines has been shown to cause brain damage in laboratory animals.


The second poster (at the link immediately below) informs parents about how cells derived from aborted foetal tissue are used in the manufacture of some vaccines, included some of those recommended for children such as the MMR-II vaccine.

Vaccine ingredient po#B74C3


Template letter for MPs

The first resource is a suggested template letter that you can cut and paste into an another document, personalise and email it to your MP, the Prime Minister, the Minister and Associate Ministers for Health etc.  Email contacts for the Prime Minister John Key and Deputy Prime Minister Bill English  are posted  below the template letter, as are contact details for most other MPs in NZ.  (Omissions are unintentional and will be corrected time permitting.)

NB:  Deputy Prime Minister Bill English is a Catholic who opposes abortion.  If you are also a Catholic (or a member of any other religion that prohibits abortion) you may wish to personalise any letter that you may send to Mr English to state your views and remind him that cells from aborted human foetal tissue are used in the manufacture of the  MMR vaccine and that parents need to maintain the right for their children to have other vaccines, should they wish, but avoid the MMR if its use conflicts with their religious beliefs.



Website editor’s note:  Since these template letters were written (in 2011), the government decided against instituting the recommendations of the Health Select Committee that are described in the template letters below.  These letters have been left on the website for archival reasons.


Template letter for MPs

Your name
Your address
Your phone etc
Dear [MP’s name here]

On March 26, 2011, the Health Select Committee made a report to the government on its Inquiry into how improve completion rates of childhood immunisation.

You can read the full report here:

There are three recommendations in this report that are extremely disturbing.

One proposes to restrict the right of children who have not received all the vaccines recommended (for their age) from enrolling in an early childhood centre or school.  (Children whose parents have decided that they should not have any vaccines will be allowed to enroll in early childhood centre or school but only if their parents state in writing that have have decided against vaccination.)

This is the recommendation:

“We recommend to the Government that it strengthen the requirements on parents to present immunisation information when their children enrol at early childhood centres or schools. The required immunisation information should consist of either a certificate demonstrating that the child has received all the appropriate vaccinations, or a written statement that the parents have declined to immunise their child. We consider this should be implemented within one year.”  [Page 20, emphasis added]

I believe that this discriminates against children on the basis of which vaccines they have (or have not) received and when.

I also think that the proposal by Dr Nikki Turner (on page 33 of the Report) that 20 Hours Free Early Childhood Education could be withdrawn from children whose parents have not supplied proof that they have received all vaccines (for their of their age) or a signed declaration have decided against vaccination is discriminatory and wrong.

WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT IF THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE ACCEPTED  PARENTS WILL NO LONGER HAVE THE CHOICE AS TO WHICH VACCINES THEY CHOOSE IF THEY WANT TO EXERCISE THE CHOICE TO VACCINATE THEIR CHILD. Given that some vaccines have been shown in the medical literature and elsewhere to have life threatening side effects, I believe that any regulation removing the right of parents to choose which vaccine(s) they want their child to receive is dictatorial and dangerous.

The other recommendation that I find objectionable is the recommendation on Page 6 that the government direct the Ministry of Health to consider  “examining the possibility of linking existing parental benefits to immunisation.”

At a time when many families are facing unprecedented financial stress due to the economic downturn and the Canterbury earthquake, any proposal that might financially penalise families who do not follow the vaccination schedule recommended by the Ministry of Health is morally wrong and completely unacceptable.

Given that vaccines can cause serious side effects in some children, parents must retain the right to decide which vaccine(s) they want their children to have – and not be coerced into allowing their children to be injected with any vaccine(s) if they are concerned that the risks of the  particular vaccine(s) outweigh the potential benefits.

I hope you will do everything in your power to support parents’ rights to make health care decisions for their children without duress or financial disadvantage.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name


Template letter for MPs – Te Reo version

This is a translation of the key points in the letter above into Te Reo so that it is available to send to MPs who understand Te Reo.


Tena koe e te Rangatira
I te 26 o Poututerangi o tenei tau, i hanga te Health Select Committee i tetahi
ripota ki te kawanatanga mo te patai o pehea te whakawhanui o te rongoa
whakawatea mate (immunisation) o nga tamariki.

Ka ahei i a koe te panui ki konei:

He raru taku i nga tutohu e toru o tenei ripota.

Ko te tuatahi te whakakati o te tamaiti ki te haere ki tetahi kura, kohanga
ranei, mena kahore te tamaiti i homai nga wero nira katoa. (Mena kua whakatau nga matua korekau katoa nga wero nira mo ta raua tamaiti, a kua tuhi ta raua tenei, kei te pai ki te haere ki te akomanga.)

Ko tenei te tutohu:

“We recommend to the Government that it strengthen the requirements on parents to present immunisation information when their children enrol at early childhood centres or schools. The required immunisation information should consist of either a certificate demonstrating that the child has received all the appropriate vaccinations, or a written statement that the parents have declined to immunise their child. We consider this should be implemented within one year.”  [Page 20]

Ehara tenei i te pai mo te tamaiti.

He kino hoki te tutohu o Takuta Nikki Turner (i te wharangi 33 o te ripota) ki
te tango nga haora 20 koreutu i nga matua mena kahore raua he tohu o nga wero nira o a raua tamariki, te whakatau kahore ranei.

Ko te tikanga o tenei, kahore nga matua ka whiwhi ko ehea o nga wero nira ki te hoatu ki nga tamariki. Te katoa, korekau ranei noa iho. Ki te tuhinga hauora, he tino kino te mate a muri etahi o nga wero nira. Na reira mena ka tango tatou i te aheitanga o nga matua ki te whiwhi ehea nga wero nira e pirangi ana, he tino kino.

Ko te tutohu ke e kino ana au, te tutohu i te wharangi 6. Ko te tutohu me ki te
kawanatanga ki te Manatu Hauora ki te titiro ki te “examining the possibility
of linking existing parental benefits to immunisation.”

Inaianei te wa uaua mo nga whanau no nga ru whenua, no te wa uaua moni o te ao katoa hoki. Ka whakakino tatou te moni o tetahi o nga whanau e whiwhi ana ko ehea nga wero nira pai, ko ehea kino. Kahore te whakautu ki tenei.

I tetahi o te wa ka tino whakamauimaui etahi o nga wero nira i etahi o nga
tamariki. No reira he mea nui ka ahei nga matua ki te whiwhi ko ehea nga wero nira pai, ko ehea he kino.

Ko toku tumanako ka whakaae koe i te kaupapa nei a ka mahi koe ki te tautoko i te aheitanga o nga matua ki te whiwhi hauora mo a ratou ake tamariki.

Tena rawa koe i te whakarongo ki taku korero.

Naku Noa
[Your Name]





I have been informed by a member that some of the links below are no longer active.  However, if you copy and paste the relevant address into an email, the MP should still receive your message.  Thank you!

Update:  Some of these addresses may be out of date.  I apologise for this and I will fix it as soon as I can.

Prime Minister:

John Key’s personal site email link


Deputy Prime Minister:

Bill English’s email


Minister of Health:

Tony Ryall’s National Party email


Associate Minister of Health

Maori Party contact form for Tariana Turia


Other government MPs:

1) National Party MPs contact details


Hon Gerry Brownlee

Phone: (04)817 6802 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)3590582 (Electorate


Hon Simon Power

Phone: (04)817 6803 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)3237253 (Electorate)


Hon Dr Nick Smith

Phone: (04)817 6805 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)5472314 (Electorate)


Hon Judith Collins

Phone: (04)817 6806 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)2997426 (Electorate)


Hon Anne Tolley

Phone: (04)817 6860 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)8677571 (Electorate)


Hon Christopher Finlayson

Phone: 043878154 (Parliament)
Phone: 043878154 (Electorate)

Hon David Carter

Phone: (04)817 9321 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)3840008 (Electorate)


Hon Murray McCully

Phone: (04)817 6810 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4780207 (Electorate)


Hon Tim Groser

Phone: (04)817 6811 (Parliament)


Hon Dr Wayne Mapp

Phone: (04)817 6812 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4860005 (Electorate)Hon Steven Joyce


Steven Joyce

Contact Details
Phone: (04)817 6813 (Parliament)
Phone: (04)8176813 (Electorate)


Hon Georgina te Heuheu QSO

Contact Details
Phone: (04)817 6814 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)3776298 (Electorate)


Hon Paula Bennett

Phone: (04) 817 6815 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)8388161 (Electorate)


Hon Phil Heatley

Phone: (04)817 6816 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4389992 (Electorate)


Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

Phone: (04)817 6818 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4198021 (Electorate)


Hon Kate Wilkinson

Phone: (04)817 6819 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)3107468 (Electorate)


Hon Maurice Williamson

Phone: (04)817 6820 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)5720000 (Electorate)


Hon John Carter

Phone: (04)817 6822 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4077219 (Electorate)


Hon Nathan Guy

Phone: (04)817 6821 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)3679110 (Electorate)


Hon Hekia Parata

Phone: (04)817 8270 (Parliament)
Phone: (04)2330707 (Electorate)

Dr the Rt Hon Lockwood Smith

Phone: (04)8176862 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4266215 (Electorate)

Chris Tremain

Phone: (04)817 6946 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)8340207 (Electorate)


Jo Goodhew

Phone: (04)817 6949 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)6831386_Timaru (Electorate)


Craig Foss

Phone: (04)817 6625 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)8703480 (Electorate)


Aaron Gilmore

Phone: (04)817 9884 (Parliament)
Phone: (027)2103020 (Electorate)


Simon Bridges

Phone: (04)817 8226 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)5799016 (Electorate)


Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga

Phone: (04)817 8215 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)6220300 (Electorate)


Melissa Lee

Contact Details
Phone: (04)817 8221 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)8150278 (Electorate)


Louise Upston

Phone: (04)817 8218 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)3765563 (Electorate)


Michael Woodhouse

Phone: (04)817 8224 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)4777330 (Electorate)

Nikki Kaye

Phone: (04)817 8227 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)3782088 (Electorate)

Paul Quinn

Phone: (04)8178239 (Parliament)
Phone: (04)5687210 (Electorate)


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Phone: (04)817 9303 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)2789302 (Electorate)


Amy Adams

Phone: 048178225 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)3440418 (Electorate)


Jonathan Young

Phone: (04)8178232 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)7582919 (Electorate)


Katrina Shanks

Phone: (04)8179509 (Parliament)
Phone: (04)4617193 (Electorate)

Dr Cam Calder

Phone: (04)8176615 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)5244930 (Electorate)


Todd McClay

Phone: (04)817 8230 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)3485871 (Electorate)

Jami-Lee Ross

Phone: (04)tba (Parliament)
Phone: tba (Electorate)

David Bennett

Phone: (04)817 6937 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)8343407 (Electorate)

John Hayes ONZM

Phone: (04)817 9096 (Parliament)
Phone: 08002HAYES (Electorate)

Dr Jackie Blue

Phone: (04)817 6942 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)6294982 (Electorate)

Hon Tau Henare

Phone: (04)817 6934 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)8349239 (Electorate)

Colin King

Phone: (04)817 9517 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)5776930 (Electorate)

Tim Macindoe

Phone: 048178229 (Parliament)
Phone: 078460055 (Electorate)

Allan Peachey

Phone: (04)817 6898 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)5783691 (Electorate)

Eric Roy

Phone: (04)817 6797 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)2187749 (Electorate)

Nicky Wagner

Phone: (04)817 6959 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)3658297 (Electorate

Chester Borrows

Phone: (04)817 6944 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)3489150 (Electorate)

Shane Ardern

Phone: (04)8179357 (Parliament)
Phone: (06)7656608 (Electorate)

Lindsay Tisch

Phone: (04)4719161 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)8232264 (Electorate)

Chris Auchinvole

Phone: (04)817 6936 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)7684528 (Electorate)

Sandra Goudie

Phone: (04)817 9507 (Parliament)
Phone: (07)8683529 (Electorate)

Jacqui Dean

Phone: (04)817 6958 (Parliament)
Phone: (03)4347325 (Electorate)


2) Maori Party MPs

The Maori Party has a confidence and supply agreement with the National Party and are thus provide  crucial support the National-led government. (This being said, there was no representative from the Maori Party in the Health Select Committee that produced the Report so the Maori Party should not be assumed to  support the coercive recommendations.)

All the Maori Party MPs may be emailed by using the contact form on their website:


3)  Act Party MPs

The Act Party has a confidence and supply agreement with the National Party and are thus provide  crucial support the National-led government. (This being said, there was no representative from the Act Party in the Health Select Committee that produced the Report so the Act Party should not be assumed to support the coercive recommendations.)


Office Of Hon Rodney HideHon Rodney Hide
Parliament Buildings
WellingtonPhone: 04 817 6823
Email: rodney.hide@parliament.govt.nzOffice Of Hon John BoscawenHon John Boscawen
Parliament Buildings
WellingtonPhone: 04 817 6828

Parliamentary Offices

Office Of Hon Sir Roger DouglasHon Sir Roger Douglas
Parliament Buildings
WellingtonPhone: 04 817 8245
Email: roger.douglas@parliament.govt.nzOffice Of Hon Heather RoyHon Heather Roy
Parliament Buildings
WellingtonPhone: 04 817 8244
Email: heather.roy@parliament.govt.nzOffice of Hilary Calvert

Hilary Calvert
Parliament Buildings

Phone: 04 817 6631

ACT Head OfficeACT New Zealand
PO Box 99651
Auckland 1149Phone: 09 523 0470
Fax: 09 523 0472
Email: Electorate OfficeACT New Zealand
PO Box 9209
AucklandPhone: 09 522 7464
Opposition MPs
While they are not in government now, one day some of these MPs may be so it is a good idea to educate them about how important it is that parents retain the right to freely choose which vaccine(s) they have and at what age.
Labour Party MPs
(NB:  Steve Chadwick is a woman.)
Kris Faafoi email c/o
Phil Goff
Hon Rita Mirinui email c/o
Green Party MPs


Progressive Party MP
Independent MPs

Member Contributions


NB: Information about how to become a member is posted on the home page of or visit the link

To find suggestions for how members can help with the campaign – please scroll down the page on the Home page to find these suggestions and/or check out the Resources page of this site at the following link

This part of the site is available for members and supporters of No Forced Vaccines to contribute a personal profile or some other information about themselves and why they support freedom from forced or coerced vaccination.  (Members and supporters are equally welcome to work quietly behind the scenes without posting any information about themselves on-line – please consider the privacy implications of posting information on this publicly accessible site before sending  anything for publication.)

If you would like to contribute to this section of the site, please email whatever you would like to post to the site administrator using the Contact page at the following link . (Please make it obvious that your contribution is for publication on the website.  Members’ comments are posted in the order which they were received with the first comments at the top of the page and the most recent contributions are further down the page.)


Thank you.


A message from Margaret Jones:

My name is Margaret Jones.  I’m 90 years old and the mother of five unvaccinated children.

My husband and I were not wealthy but we made sure our children had the basic essentials for health:

A loving family environment; good nutrition starting with breast feeding and then a natural diet with lots of homegrown organic fruit and veges; pure water to drink;  lots of exercise in the fresh air and sunshine; warm clothes in winter and good hygiene.

The only childhood disease I remember them having was a mild case of measles.

As well as being a mother I trained as a primary school teacher and worked at this profession from 1940 to 1980.

Teaching for forty years (and continuing contact with children since) has enabled me to see the decline in children’s health that has occurred as the number of vaccines recommended for babies and young children continued to rise.

Back when I started teaching in 1940 there were simply not the same numbers of children with learning and behavioural problems that there are today.  It was relatively easy to maintain classroom discipline – even with energetic high-spirited children and all the pupils in my classes learned to read.  (Some children were slower to learn than others, of course, but they all got there.)

There was a huge shortage of teachers when I started teaching.  In my first  year of teaching I had a class of forty-two.  In another year I had 52 New Entrants (five year olds)!  My largest class was 54 children and this was a mixed class comprised of children in Standards 1, 2 and 3 aged 7-9 years.   (Some children were slower to learn than others, of course, but they all got there.)

By the time I retired from classroom teaching in 1980, the situation was very different, with numerous children in each class acting up – apparently unable to sit still or concentrate.

Of course damage to children’s developing brains caused by toxic ingredients in vaccines isn’t the only reason many more children today have learning disorders. Bad diets, or exposure to other toxins, too much TV or difficulties at home may all play a role, depending on the child.

Still, I find it easy to be able to tell the difference between babies who have had the vaccines recommended starting at six weeks – and those who haven’t been vaccinated.  The unvaccinated babies simply look more alert and are obviously healthier and happier.

I know that parents (with very few exceptions) all want their best for their children but you can’t make an informed decision about any vaccine if you don’t know all the facts.  When I first learned about the problems (including deaths) associated with the HPV vaccines first used in America I made myself a sandwich board that said:

“HPV vaccine:  Don’t Dice with Death” and went out in public wearing it to raise awareness of this issue.  Unfortunately I couldn’t  be everywhere – and some families learned about the dangers of this vaccine too late – such as the family of 18 year old Jasmine Renata who developed strange symptoms after each shot then then died in her sleep in November 2009.

Given that vaccines can cause serious side effects in some children (or adults) I think it’s crucial that parents retain the right to choose which vaccine(s) they want their children to have (if they do want their children to be vaccinated) and are not bullied by the government.

I hope you will support this campaign.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Jones


A message from Carolyn Simon:

Carolyn Simon ( wrote:
Freedom of information on the vaccination debate, and freedom of choice to vaccinate or not are the rights of everyone in New Zealand.  We need to protect our education and health providers from any attempt to coerce them into compliance with an industry-led government agenda by the Health Select Committee to drive up vaccination rates.  I strongly oppose the proposal to force citizens into vaccinating.  Our basic human rights are being ignored by this proposal.


A message from Alan Cash:
Essential books to read about Vaccines are:


The Medical Mafia, by Dr Guylaine Lanctot;
The Trial Of The Medical Mafia
by Joachim Schafer;
Disregard, by Dr Andrew Wakefield, and
Vaccination –
A Business Based On Fear, by Dr Gerhard Buchwald.

A message from Jill Wilby:
I am against enforced vaccination. I am a classical homeopath in
Christchurch and prefer to see natural forms of treatment used
wherever possible.

A message from Tim Moore:
Every individual has a right to be responsible for themselves. We are the
product of our choices, our choices for our selves are what is important. Big
Pharma represent FEAR in glossy well written and expensive policies designed to
do one thing………make money out of the illness of their customers.
Live life for the love of living.
A message from Andrea:
I believe all parents have the right to decide what they think is best for their children. This sort of heavy handedness is unhelpful and unfair! Power to the people NOT the Pharmaceutical Companies!!

A message from Bernadette Dees:
Thankyou for this organisation. My child is 23 years old now but I have been
always educating myself with this issue since she was born although not early
enough. Anyway as a natural health educator I am wishing to spread the word too
as well as for my future grandkids.


A message from a member (which was also sent to National Party MPs)


The working committee re increasing vaccination compliance in New Zealand has issues for our family and extended family.

In 1994 our 18 month old was taken in for the new MMR vaccine, immediately he had an over reaction to the immunisation – to the point where he had to be hospitalised a day later with soaring temperatures.
What alarmed our family was that the emergency clinic suspected meningitis, we suspected the MMR vaccine.
He was covered with spots and was limp.  He had a lumbar puncture, it revealed that there was a viral infection in his spinal fluid, written down as “unspecified Type A Viral infection”.
Two days later we took him home.  He regressed over the next three months – sensory overload, lost language, lost socialising – was unrecognisable to his wider family.  Six months later he joined the throngs of kids being diagnosed with Autism.  You can call it what you like, we know it was brain damage caused by the MMR.  Throughout our wider family are 8 children with Autism diagnosis all with similar stories.  So throughout our intelligent, all employed, all tax paying New Zealand extended family is a deliberate decision not to vaccinate – we have decided to simply remain healthy and not buy into this belief that simply anyone can catch anything.  What we have all come to understand is that disease follows bad hygiene and bad health and that to immunise simply compromises your immune system in an otherwise healthy body.

New Zealand would do to follow the Scandinavian model rather than the American model.  What MPs need to be aware of is “that more is not best, when it comes to immunisations” – its like believing that “more food is better for you, than the right amount of good food” – countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and others who give “more than 12 shots” to children under the age of 10 years have not improved the overall health of those populations.
The infant mortality rate rises sharply once immunisation rates get over 12 shots, along with this is also the childhood obesity, asthma and many other rates.  It may surprise you as it did I that the USA has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western World, how can this be???  It seems very clear that more and more immunisations is a false god and does more damage than good.  Humans are not able to have multiple diseases and substances that are non food related put into their bodies over a short space of time.  Its like the belief that we as humans can skip good health and rely on pharmaceuticals for our heart, our blood pressure, our cholesterol, our joints, our lungs, our bowels, to sleep, for pain – are we counting how many tablets here are considered normal.

We simply cannot agree with tactics of incentivising doctors or schools for immunisation rates and punishing families who choose health over the disease model.

I am the mother of four children,  from 5-18 years, the only days they have off school are wellness days – they simply don’t get sick – and to watch the finals of the NBA – go Texas Mavericks!!!!!
The science is bogus, the companies involved have conflicts of interest that make “pushing” a whole new science, we will not be entering into any immunising of our children as we see it as our right to make up our own minds – when the science is better and the overall health of the pediatric population is better then we will re look at this area – we view the increase in immunising as one of the risks for all the other childhood disorders that are on the rise.
The support of this is growing – forcing citizens to put things into their bodies is way beyond the Human Rights of citizens.

Give folks a choice and provide good evidence – we are all smart enough to sort out the pros and cons and those who can’t be bothered will continue to do whatever MOH is promoting.

We never did get offered ACC for our child (now 16), how can this be – he was born normal, this was an accident – we understand that immunising is “a holy grail” and to question it is like questioning the use of antibiotics, however we have all learnt as a population that over use or reliance on anything medical has consequences.  Bottom line is our child lives with the side effect of a man made medical injection to treat something that he may never have got and in that practise he was damaged – hmmm how he is now is way worse than any minor or even major childhood disease – but doctors simply believe he picked up a random virus that caused brain damage – dahh what – no one offered or even thought that the immunisation could have caused this – so no ACC – by increasing more and more shots to kids we simply raise the stats in all the other areas – will wait your call re the ACC!!!!