Health Care Provider Whistleblower: Vaccines Leading to Sickness, Days off Work and Death

Website editor’s note: The following piece was contributed by a New Zealander who interviewed a New Zealand health care worker who was prepared to share their observations of the effects of vaccination on staff and vulnerable patients.

If any readers have observed serious adverse effects from vaccination in a health care setting (or in the community) you may share information about any such incidents in confidence with No Forced Vaccines via our contact form at this link:

The NZ Pharmacovigillance Centre at the University of Otago provides an online form via which adverse reactions to vaccines (or other medications) may be reported by health professionals (or family members or friends. ) The form is here:

Similarly, if you know of cases in which influenza (or other) vaccinations have been administered to vulnerable patients who are not mentally competent to consent to this treatment (and the patient’s next of kin or person who has medical power of attorney was not consulted or did not give consent for the vaccination) you may report any such incidents in confidence to No Forced Vaccines.  No Forced Vaccines may be contacted via our contact form at this link:


Health Care Provider Whistleblower: Vaccines Leading to Sickness, Days off Work and Death


“A little experience often upsets a lot of theory.” – S. Parkes Cadman


A New Zealand health care worker has witnessed vaccines causing harm and shares some observations in an interview conducted in mid-May, 2017. As ‘Corey’ (not real name) wishes to remain in employment, some details, including dates, locations and Corey’s gender, were omitted.

Corey worked at a rest home where residents were provided with hospital level care. The death rate was typically about five over the course of a year, but following the administration of flu shots, there was an unprecedented number within a four-week week period. Seven died within a month according to this concerned whistleblower.

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Scandalous: Prominent NZ doctor continues to advocate for a “coercive vaccination policy”

Kaitaia G.P.  Dr. Lance O’Sullivan who controversially advocated linking children’s vaccinations to benefits in 2015 [1] recently renewed his support for a coercive vaccination policy.

In an interview with Don Rowe of Spinoff on May 24, 2017 he said:

“Two years ago I talked about how we should be tagging our benefits to immunisation – so if you’re on the benefit and you have a child who isn’t immunised, there should be a financial consequence for that…I believe that’s the way we should go forward.”

Lance O’Sullivan took the opportunity to promote his coercive vaccination policy after jumping onto the stage during the middle of the Kaitaia screening of the documentary Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe.  During his interruption of the screening, to which he had been invited to attend, he made a speech in which, according to a TVNZ report, he told the screening organisers: “Your presence here will cause babies to die”.

In the interview, Dr. O’Sullivan admitted that he had not bothered to watch Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe.

The documentary is based on information supplied by a US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientist (Dr. William Thompson) who provided evidence that showed the agency had covered up a link between early age MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination and increased risk of autism. The film was produced by Del Bigtree, producer of the popular medical talk show “The Doctors” and Polly and Jon Tommey, whose son Billy suffered a severe seizure after MMR vaccination and subsequently became autistic.

Responding to Dr. Lance O’Sullivan’s comments, Katherine Smith, spokeswoman for No Forced Vaccines stated that it was “very disappointing” that Dr. O’Sullivan was again promoting the idea that children’s vaccinations should be linked to parental benefits.

“As a doctor he needs to keep in the forefront of his mind that his patients (or in the case of children, their parents) need to be able to make free and informed treatments about any medical procedure, including vaccinations.

“Any policy that ties vaccination to any sort of government benefit is obviously unethical because it uses the threat of financial hardship to try to influence the parents’ decisions about their children’s vaccinations.

“I would question Lance O’Sullivan’s commitment to the ethics of his profession, given his continued advocacy of a coercive vaccination policy.”

Smith also stated that data from NZ showed that while children living in impoverished communities were more likely to die from some illnesses, such as pneumonia, than those from wealthier families, vaccination rates were very similar in both the wealthiest and most impoverished families. [2] “Under the circumstances, it appears that poverty is a much more important factor in children’s vulnerabiIity to severe infections than whether or not a child is vaccinated”, Smith said, adding that “Any government policy that makes families poorer is likely to make children sicker.”

Smith noted that there are simple, low cost treatment strategies that are not routinely used in New Zealand that could prevent much illness and save lives, regardless of the income level of a child’s family.  These include “supplemental vitamin C which was shown many decades ago to be able to prevent rheumatic fever”. [3]

“Providing supplemental vitamin D to babies, children and pregnant women over the autumn and winter months when sunshine levels are not sufficient to maintain good vitamin D status also provides a way to support the immune system in producing the antimicrobial peptides [4] needed to help the body resist infection”,  Smith said.

For infants and children who do develop severe infections, “intravenous vitamin C could be used to treat viral pneumonia,” Smith added, citing the case of NZ farmer Allan Smith who survived an “expected-to-be-fatal double pneumonia” after high dose intravenous vitamin C was added to his treatment programme. [5]

Intravenous vitamin C had also been shown to significantly reduce the death rate in patients with sepsis [6], she added.





[3] “The administration of vitamin C in a large institution and its effect on general health and resistance to infection.” A. J. Glazebrook and Scott Thomson cited in




“Immunisation Week” a “reminder of how fortunate we are in NZ”

“Immunisation Week” a “reminder of how fortunate we are in NZ”

Press release fropm  No Forced Vaccines

May 2, 2017


Immunisation Week is “a chance for New Zealanders to reflect on how lucky we are”, says Katherine Smith, the spokeswoman for No Forced Vaccines, a group that opposes forced or coerced vaccination.

“New Zealanders are fortunate in that parents who want their children to be vaccinated are able to access the vaccines recommended by the Ministry of Health for free, thus helping to ensure equitable access to this service, regardless of family income,” Smith says. Free vaccines and government promotion of vaccination have resulted in NZ having a record high vaccination rate for young children.

“On the other side of the equation,” Smith notes “New Zealand parents’ rights to make decisions about vaccination are respected by the government” and if “parents decide against vaccination, or for their children to have some, but not all recommended vaccinations, they are able to make this choice.”

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Vaxxed documentary screenings ongoing in NZ

The documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe had its NZ premiere in Auckland on April 2. This documentary, based on data supplied by Center for Disease Control (CDC) scientist Dr.  William Thompson, provides evidence that the MMR vaccine has been causing autism in some children.

To learn more about this film you may like to visit the documentary website.

The following link lists all currently scheduled screenings of  Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe in  NZ:

 Learn more about Vaxxed:

A special website for New Zealand and Australian screenings of Vaxxed is:

If you are a Facebook fan, you may like to go to this special Facebook page to learn more:

WAVESnz an organisation that supports parents’ rights to make an informed decision about vaccination is supporting Vaxxed screenings in NZ.

If you would like to learn more about WAVESnz, please click HERE to visit their website.


“Powerful” film Vaxxed raises important questions about vaccine safety

New Zealand health advocate Allison Roe, who is an elected member of the Waitemata District Health Board, was one of the four hundred people who attended the premiere of the film Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe on Sunday, April 2.


“I am here to be informed and have no idea if other health board members are in attendance Roe said, “However, I would encourage all other DHB members to take advantage of the ongoing screenings and see Vaxxed themselves, or watch it online”.


The film, Roe, says is “not anti-vaccination”,  as has been widely reported.


However the film “does make a powerful case that MMR vaccination prior to the age of three years is a risk factor for previously normally developing children regressing into autism.”


According to Roe, the film suggests that making single measles, mumps and rubella shots available could provide parents who want to vaccinate with a safer alternative to the combined MMR shot.


The film was co-produced by British couple Polly and Jon Tommey (whose previously healthy son Billy suffered a seizure and regressed into autism following an MMR shot at the age of 12 months) and Del Bigtree who produced the popular medical talk show “The Doctors”.


The film is based on data provided by a whistle-blower scientist (Dr. William Thompson) from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who in 2014, confessed that he and his colleagues had committed scientific fraud in a study of the MMR vaccine and autism.


Vaxxed is a powerful film,” Roe concludes, “and given the importance of the health of our children to the future of our country, I hope that parents, health professionals and people involved in healthcare management will take the opportunity to see the film for themselves and to think carefully about its implications”.




Website editor’s note:  Journalists who would like to contact Allison Roe are welcome to email NO Forced Vaccines via the contact form at this link and messages will then be forwarded to her.

New FREE docu-series The Truth About Vaccines begins April 12

The team who produced the informative docu-series The Truth About Cancer are due to launch a new docu-series The Truth About Vaccines

The Truth About Vaccines  promises to bring viewers both sides of the vaccination issue.

It will begin on April 12 (the series is US-based so will begin some time on April 13 in NZ) and will continue until April 19 (or April 20 in NZ).

The Truth About Vaccines  will feature interviews with sixty experts on vaccination.

The Truth About Vaccines will be FREE over that period, so it is a great opportunity for people who are planning to start a family (or who are already parents) to learn about the vaccination issue. (There will be paid access to the presentations after the free viewing period.*)

After signing up to the docu-series, daily emails will be sent with a link to each day’s presentation for as long as the free viewing period lasts.

Please share this link to help people learn about this free event.  Thank you.



He paanui whakamohiohio, mo ngaa Maatua, Tupuna me etahi atu o ngaa whaanau me o raatau tamariki

Tihei Mauriora

E ngaa mana e ngaa reo e ngaa karangaranga maha teena koutou. Ka mihi ki to taatau Kaihanga mo oona manaakitanga katoa, me te mihi ki to taatau Kiingi, a Kingi Tuheitia me toona Whare Kaahui Ariki nui tonu. Paimarire kia raatau.  Ka mihi ki o taatau mate kua hinga, moe mai raatau ki roto i ngaa ringa o te atua.

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Poster advertising Auckland premiere for Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

 The documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe is going to have its NZ premiere on April 2 in Auckland.


Information about the Vaxxed premiere in English may be found by clicking HERE. 

There is also information about the Vaxxed premiere in Chinese, Samoan and Tongan on this website and this information may be accessed by clicking  HERE.

Anyone who would like to help share information about this  event can download a PDF of a  mini poster by clicking on the green text below:

Vaxxed has your doctor been lied to duo poster for printing

The poster is A4 size and there are two mini (A5) size posters for each piece of paper.  While the poster has some red on it, it will print well in black and white.

The poster is suitable for letter box drops (provided people do not have a “no circulars” or similar notice on their letter box).

It is also suitable for  putting on community notice boards, on tables where information materials are allowed to be placed at libraries, churches and other community venues. etc.

Thank you in advance for any help that you would like to give with this outreach.

NB: Each of the mini posters has an image like the one below:

Proposal to Ban Unvaccinated Children from Childcare “Assault on Parents’ and Children’s Rights”

Proposal to Ban Unvaccinated Children from Childcare “Assault on Parents’ and Children’s Rights”

No Forced Vaccines, Press release March 14, 2017


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s support for banning unvaccinated children from childcare centres and preschools “shows a worrying lack of knowledge about the risks of vaccines and a lack of respects for the parents’ and children’s rights”, according to Katherine Smith, spokeswoman for No Forced Vaccines, a New Zealand based organisation that opposes forced or coerced vaccination.

“Parents have the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children,” Smith says, adding that Australia’s current childhood vaccination rate (95%) shows that most parents support vaccination.

Those parents who choose not to vaccinate, she says, are usually well educated middle class parents who have made this decision after carefully weighing up the risks and benefits of the procedure.

“Parents make vaccination decisions based on the best interests of their children,” Smith says, adding that vaccines were “well documented to cause a variety of side effects ranging from mild adverse effects to fatal adverse reactions” and while these risks were acceptable to some parents, others parents’ perception was that their children’s health was better served by avoiding the risks of vaccination.

“For a government to use any sort of coercive tactics to try to increase vaccination rates is not acceptable in a democracy where people have the right to make a free and informed decision about medical treatment.”

Australian parents who had made an informed decision not to vaccinate their children would no doubt be “extremely concerned about their Prime Minister’s proposal that their healthy children should be banned from childcare or preschool and the potential impact on their children’s education and family finances if such a discriminatory ban were to become a reality,” Smith added.

Smith said that she was “relieved” that the current NZ government, while a strong supporter of vaccination, did not consider denying unvaccinated children the opportunity to attend a childcare centre or preschool to be an appropriate way to increase vaccination rates.

She was concerned that a quote from Andrew Little suggested that he thought that the idea of banning unvaccinated children from childcare centres or preschools was worth considering.

“I hope that Mr. Little will reconsider this position once he gives the matter some thought. New Zealand parents deserve respect for the job that they are doing raising the next generation of New Zealanders and it is not the government’s place to interfere with the healthcare decisions that parents make in the best interests of their healthy babies and children by using coercive tactics to increase vaccination rates.

“I hope that Mr. Little will educate himself about New Zealand’s already very high vaccination rates, and how these have been achieved, as well as the reasons why some parents choose not to vaccinate their children” she added.

“I hope Mr. Little will attend the New Zealand premiere of the film Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe that details how evidence of a vaccine-autism link was covered up by scientists from the US Centers for Disease Control.  This will help him to understand why some parents prefer not to vaccinate their children – or to avoid the use of some vaccines that they consider to pose unacceptable risks to their children’s health”, Smith concluded.




NB:  Information about the premiere of Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe (in English, Tongan, Samoan and Chinese) may be found by clicking HERE.

A NZ media report with comments by Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman and Andrew Little (leader of the Labour party) may be accessed by clicking HERE.

Talofa lava, Afio mai. Ua ou vakaulia atu oe i le fa’aalia muamua o lenei mataaga taua.

Talofa lava, Afio mai. Ua ou vakaulia atu oe i le fa’aalia muamua o lenei mataaga taua.

(Note to readers:  Most of the text on this site is in English.  Some information in other languages – such as this information in Samoan – is available thanks to the kindness of volunteers who have taken the time to do translation. If you are bilingual and would like to assist with translation, please contact No Forced Vaccines via this link: Thank you.)

Talofa lava,

Ua ou valaaulia atu ma le fa’aaloalo lava ina ia e saofia ma faatasi mai mo le taimi muamua ole a maimoaina ai le ata tifaga e uiga ile mataupu faapitoa ole tui puipuia.

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